Double Post! IOTM’s and reviews! And Poptropica Stories!


That’s right, Poptropi-con and Wimpy Wonderland are the IOTM’s!  So now it is time for reviews!  First is Wimpy Wonderland.  As a non-SUI (Yay!) it is of course a winter themed island.  In design, this was pretty cool.  It showed us the style of art Jeff Kinney used in his very own books, which was very cool to see how they incorperated his art into an island.  It really made you feel like you were in the book.  Although in the books Greg loves video-games, I think that he needed to be more apart of the story.  It felt like you were trapped somewhere you shouldn’t be because you were alone (partly) , rather than helping out the citizens of the island.  It was also very lonely, because you were so colorful with your clothes and everything else was stark white or stark black.  I think they should have colored the backround (Trees, Houses) and colored the clothes of people.  Now gameplay.  I really thought that they added too many minigames, and that they were either too hard or too easy.  Twisted Wizard was nearly impossible, and so was the watercress soup game.  Actually the only way I beat the watercress soup game, was through a cheat.  So overall I’d give this island a 3 out of 5 snowflakes.  Now to Poptropi-Con.  Although we had to re-create our costumes for us non-members, overall I liked this island.  Episode one had such a cool and thought out plot line, and overall it was my favorite episode.  I loved the challenges you had to do, just to get to the bathroom!  The amount of costume designs that went into this episode were incredible.  Every time someone walked past you they were wearing a different costume!  I also loved racing Cheetah Guy.  Episode two was my least favorite, but I still love it!  I think the card game played too big of a role in the episode, and it ultimately felt like that was the plot line.  It definetly was fun, but just not as interactive or detailed.  I liked how this was more challenging, rather than just talking to everyone.  Episode 3 was my second favorite.  Although it had the best plot line it just felt repetitve and I wish that the challenges were different for every item you were getting.  But the suprise traitor, interesting game play, and amazing boss battle really brought this up to second best.  Overall I’d rate Poptropi-Con a 4 1/2 out of 5 snow flakes!  I liked this months picks, but ‘d like a more festive choice rather than Poptropi-Con for winter.

Now for Poptropica Stories.  This is a continuation of last week’s Poptropica Stories, so be sure to check out last weeks before reading this one.  This is first person point of view from Shady Ant, and the only other introduced character was  Icy Water.

I saw Icy Water come back but with no one by her side.  “I thought you went to get help!”  “I can’t believe you are that dumb!  Can’t you tell, Icy Water is dead.  She’s been dead for years.  I’m Elizabeth Van Buren.  Have you not seen the mysterious diseppearences of poptropicans?  I killed them!  But I’m more civil than my father.  I don’t eat them, I just torture them till they die.  And now it is your turn.”  That was when I did it.  I let go of the rock keeping me from falling.  As I gained speed I knew I was step closer to death every second.  

“Hello.  Sir, are you Okay? I saved you from death.”  “What happened here? Shouldn’t I be dead? Where am I?”  “I’m Super Hero, and here is my Tabby Cat, or Hero.”  At that time Ella Van Buren had found us.  “Well, can you believe I just found the only two people who have ever escaped me?  I’d be running if I were you by now!”



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