Island Mashup: Zombarnival

Hey guys! Friendly Foot here. I posted this yesterday, but it seems that no one could

Today I’d like to show to you Island Mashups, which is basically me mashing two different islands together! As you can see from the title of the post, today’s two islands are Zomberry and Monster Carnival. Yup, two creepy islands! So, what do we get when we put these two islands together? Well, what I would think is this: You are stranded on a deserted (or thought to be) island. The only person with you is Edgar, a boy who has run away to find the carnival. He thought the carnival would be here, but he can’t find it! You have to find where the carnival is by using clues, but on the way, you and Edgar realize the carnival isn’t what it was thought to be. People are turned into blueberry monsters! Now I’ll leave that there for you to imagine what’ll happen next!

I hope you liked this! Tell me in the comment section which two islands you want to appear next! See ya! 👋


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