Read Between The Lines: Target Age Group

Confusing title, but we are starting a new segment called Read Between The Lines.  It is where we decipher the secret messages Poptropica is giving us.  What better way to start us off then about Poptropica itself.  I think Poptropica is starting to aim their age group to 10-18 years old.  If you look at newer islands (beside Monkey Wrench island) the plot lines are more developed and there are more grown up ideas.  Look at EFPR, you are trapped in jail, or Survival island where you are being hunted by a cannibalist! Or Virus Hunter, where you have to save someone from an extremely deadly disease.  Newer islands are more real life, whereas Super Power island, and Spy island deal with more fantasy ideas with superpowers and B.A.L.D.  I also think that the worm symbolises something. Yes we are talking about the worm.  The worm shows us more detail than Poptropica typically gives us.  Also with the rats, you can tell they are definetly stepping up their animation.  I feel like older kids play better animated and detailed games, and these art concepts may just be the one answer to this question.  Will New Poptropica be targeted to older age groups?  I think the answer is yes because the thicker, detailed plot lines and the detail and better animated drawings just are better for older kids, and for Poptropica this is the right move. Although new, young kids are joining every day, some of the most influential bloggers, youtubers, and community members are getting older.  Think of Slanted Fish she is nearly 20 years old!  And Think Noodles is 39!  So some of the more influential people would definetely stay longer if it was a more developed game.  Those Influential people inspire all of us to be apart of the community and start new blogs, or youtube channels.  So, when new blogs and youtube stations dedicated to Poptropica come out the community grows bigger, more people play more often and want their friends to play with them.  Which grows the amount of people playing Poptropica, and a chain reaction would occur more often.  So even a simple change in plot developments can grow Poptropica.  I think New Poptropica will have more real-life islands and better animation, which will eventually help grow the community!  Tell me what you think of this and do you agree with me or disagree with me? -Smart Flame


9 thoughts on “Read Between The Lines: Target Age Group

  1. Agreee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The islands are getting so much better. Like I remember playing survival island and when you figure out that you are faced with someone who eats OTHER HUMANS OH GOD! I was soooo shocked because I was like wow the creators are starting to challenge younger kids. Then people started making theory’s that Poptropica is going to be more older so yeah stuff makes so much sense now. Plus remember back in 2008 to I think 2012 or 2011 where Poptropica whould always be the game to play in the schools that go to kindergarten to grade 5. Yeah now that does not reallly happen anymore so this is the time to make Poptropica for older people. Like that was a smart move poptropica creators. Very smart move.

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  3. Early Poptropica should be okay for younger ones, but if an older player or someone else tells the younger player which islands to play, then Poptropica can be okay. Secondly, if you’re almost 10, and you can handle the darker plots, I think it should be okay. I think it should depend on the player.


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