Expectations And Hopes For New Poptropica

Because New Poptropica is such a big switch, I definetly have some expectations.  I’ve heard it will be on a new website.  This is OK, but I hope all of the original islands are carried over to the new website.  Also, I hope the animation stays similar or at least keep the poptropicans animation the same, because without that, it wouldn’t be Poptropica.  Also I would like multiplayer islands, and more common room abilities.  One thing I’m not so happy about is Unity.  Unity is the thing that Poptropica will be using to create Poptropica in New Poptropica.  The reason it is not good is because it doesn’t secure accounts on google chrome, this means your poptropican account would be easier to hack, but it is still accessible through chrome.  I would love to have No glitches, because the glitdhes ruin the poptropican expirence.  I’d love more interactive islands. I’d love all the islands to have interactive plot lines, so we have more of the Poptropica expirence in every island.  I would love to be able to solve islands with other people because I would want help, and it would be more fun than solving it alone.  If you disagree with me, please tell me, and tell me why you disagreed with me.  Also if you have new info or more information please leave that in the comments.  The more we know about New Poptropica the better prepared we’ll be when it launches.  -Smart Flame


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