Poptropica Stories!

Our story takes place in Eastern Europe, in a place known as Vaireaux (Varoh), with our characters Shady Ant, and Icy Water.  Icy Water is the King and Queens daughter, and Shady Ant is a newsboy.

Just two more houses till I’ve finished my daily route, and without running into Princess Cartier!  Shady Ant thought.  “Shady Ant, where are you, where’s my paper?”  I’m almost done, can I just finish today without her judgmental talking?!  Shady Ant jumped into Happy Jumpers bushes.  “Get out of those bushes, you are already disgusting enough!  We need to clean you up!  Come on, lets head to Cartier Lake!”  “Isn’t that past Voyage Canyon?!” But it was to late, Icy Water dragged him to the edge of the canyon.  Shady Ant’s foot slipped. He caught on the edge of the 984 foot canyon wall.  “Help, I’m Slipping!”  “I’ll get help!”  But by the Shady Ant was hanging on by 3 fingers.

That is the end of Poptropica Stories Part 1, stay tuned for next week!


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