The Blog Prob

Hey guys and girls, it’s your girl Red and welcome to my first official post (I guess) ok so today I’m talking about inspiration. So if you read our blog, you probably also read the rest of the community. For example Tall Cactus’ blog. So recently, TC made a post about how poptropica won’t give us (da bloggerz) anything to write about. If you wanna see her post- https://tallcactuspoptropicablog.wordpress.com/2016/11/15/a-bloggers-lament/ and I completely agree with her. Pop hasn’t given us any inspiration. No new islands, no new things. All they gave us WAS A WORM!!!!! Sorry, had to let my anger out. Plus, nobody even talks about the worm anymore anyway so yeah. In other news, DT is out new president. Exuse me, can someone go toilet paper the White House please? Nobody will notice. Ok guys, hope you enjoyed this post so yea, have a random pic, bye guys. 

Special thanks to short feather for making the meme faces for life poster.!


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