Island Review and Reminders

Hi Poptropicans!  Today, we will review, (Drum roll please) Shrink Ray Island and Poptropolis Games (The two IOTM’s)!  We will review each IOTM and at the end of the year we will review the rest of the islands. First Shrink Ray island.  As one of the older islands changed into an SUI, Shrink Ray has also become one of Novembers IOTM’s!  First the game play.  I love how inventive you had to be to complete the island!  I loved the morse code challenge and the race car challenge.  There were many more games including the dumpster diving game and the avoid the shrink ray shot at the end of the island.  The story worked and it never was dull or too easy.  What a cool addition could’ve been was to have other people made small by the shrink ray, for tips and interaction.  As for the designs, the detail in the apartment was amazing.  Everything was so realistically sized for the size of your poptropican.  Overall I’d rate it an 8/10.  It was a great story and lots of game play, but it was lonely and hard to figure out what to do.  Now Poptropolis Games.  It was a very short island and no real story, but it was very different from Poptropicas typical island.  I loved each challenge and how unique each challenge was.  One cool idea would be, that the island hadn’t risen yet and you had to make it rise.  That would add a little bigger plotline to the story.  Also remember to enter the art contest and contact us if you wish to be an admin/mod for our discord chat!


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