Time for a theory…

Hi Poptropicans! Today, I have a theory I’d like to share with all of you…. And it started with this question I asked myself- How do poptropicans  never change size?i Well, I know this is an online game and all, but what if there’s a backstory to it that the Creators might introduce in New Pop? My idea is that maybe, Poptropicans are all just a science experiment. Or maybe they are some sort of pets to some huge species. And that brings thee question, how small/big are poptropicans compared to us? But I’m getting too off topic, so anyways, us poptropicans could be genetically modified to be the exact size and shape that they are. Because we all know, no matter how old you make your poptropican, it’s never going to get taller… so maybe these huge people just thought Hmmm… why don’t we make random things called poptorpicans to look at? Haha, yes I know it’s a weird idea, but take it onto consideration… who knows, it could be true!

See ya! -Friendly Foot


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