Hoi, my very shelly, awesome followers (although if you follow me to every blog I work on, you’re pretty insane). But, you all should know me from numerous blogs, and hopefully, you haven’t become one of my insane fans. Anyways, I LOVE Poptropica, and I have been playing since 2nd grade, 2012. I actually didn’t discover Pop from Funbrain, like some of yall, and I have played on and off since, with numerous accounts, this being the only I remember.

I joined the Community This May, but my crazy, insane followers out there know I recently went back on Discord a few weeks ago, a story I shouldn’t get into, but I love all of my crazy followers. Each and every one. But you should know a few things about me first.

First, I go around flirting with the bots at Discord…. Wait, about my life?? Then forget that. First, I like to blog and hang out on Pop with my free time. Well, when I am not freaking out over books, or talking a 1-hour chat about books… Yeah, I like books. Especially Adventure/ Fiction books. Ask me about almost any book, and I can probably spoil it for you. Oh, okay. Moving on.

As much as you may think I am a nerd (which I don’t object to) I like some un nerdy things too. I’m a huge Tennessee Vols fan. Yeah, I don’t think the Vols are terrible, just that too many people are hurt. Don’t get me started on how we lost last night.

Welp,  I’d love to stay and chat, but I gotta get ready for a Colton Dixon concert later today. And stay tuned for my new SSW premièring on PTFP Wednesday!

-Seashell out!😎



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