Smart Flame’s Backround and Art Contest

Hi Poptropicans!  I wasn’t going to post today until I realized that you don’t know how I started.  I started playing Poptropica in 2010.  I joined the community on October 25, 2016.  I made this blog blog Thursday October 27 2016.  My username is LMSEC.  Also We’re having an art contest!  Whoever wins will make a guest post on our blog will have their art posted here for 3 weeks!


4 thoughts on “Smart Flame’s Backround and Art Contest

  1. To post it here, Right click your mouse or click alt and click for a chromebook, click save image as, it will make a file and post that here, to leave a link just copy down the complete website. If its a hand-drawn picture, take a picture of it with a device, send the picture to my e-mail at poptropcan@gmail.com . Also you can send a computer drawn picture to my e-mail

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